Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Yay, yay, yay!

I have three "yays" to report.

1. My knee is feeling completely better.  I'm excited and ready to run.  I can't believe the race is only two months (exactly!) away.  Between the Mississippi trip, Restaurant week, and my general lack of willpower when it comes to treats in the break room, July wasn't exactly a testament to healthy eating, but I'm dialing it back down this month.  Plus, August is my monster month of training.  Hopefully by Sept 1 I'm going to start feeling confident about the marathon.

2. A paper we submitted back in May was accepted with glowing reviews and very few changes.  As anyone who does this kind of stuff knows, reviews of academic papers (which are done anonymously) can be pretty scathing.  I put on my Hazmat suit before I opened this one, and surprise! they liked it.  So now I'm at 4 publications (2 published, 2 in the works- not as first author) after 2 years at my job.  Considering I have a lot of other responsibilities, I think that's pretty decent.  And there are 3 more papers I'm working on that should be out the door in the next few months.

3. We got a new camera!!!  I bought my old camera back in 2004 after college graduation, and I'd been getting frustrated at how long it took to turn it on and take a second picture and how hard it was to see the LCD screen or take a photo in low light.  Well, after some shopping around last Sunday, we selected this guy

I've taken a bunch of pictures with it, but I haven't gotten the software set up to load them into the computer.  So maybe you'll have some new pictures tomorrow.  It is everything the old camera isn't (sorry, old friend Kodak EasyShare), and I can't wait to take more pictures with it.

Well, it's time to get out and take that run I was talking about earlier.  Have a good Tuesday!