Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Big Weekend

8/7 - 8/8 The Big Music and Wedding Weekend from my Looking Forward To bar is now The Even Bigger Music and Wedding and Running Weekend.

Here's the schedule:

5:50am- Begin 20 mile run
9-9:30am- Return home from 20 mile run
9:30am-noon: Clean myself, as much of our home as I can manage after a 20-mile run, eat lunch
Noon-8:30pm: Eat lunch, drive out to Sugar Maple Music Festival, enjoy music.
9pm-?: Drive back into town to hear our friend's band play a special one-time show

As early as I can get up- 5mi recovery run
10:45am- Church
Noon: - Lunch, Target run, other errands
2pm- ? - Friends' wedding and reception
?- collapse - Laundry, grocery store, etc.

I'm excited about everything going on.  Definitely not my normal weekend schedule, which devotes much less time to good music and more to good scrubbing.  But my goal is not to worry about that at all.  The apartment is basically clean and the laundry and grocery shopping will get done.  The word of the weekend is "fun".

What fun do you have planned for this weekend?