Wednesday, August 25, 2010

One more...

Last week Sarah from The SHU Box wrote about what she would do with an extra hour, day, week and year off.  I thought it would be an interesting exercise to do as well.  So here goes:

If I had an extra hour before work I would:
  • Do 30 minutes yoga after I finish running and take my time getting ready rather than rushing out the door like I usually do.
If work was cancelled due to a freak August blizzard (but one where I could still go running) I would:
  • Run, do yoga, practice piano
  • Clean out the pots and pans cabinet that is about to have an avalanche
  • Make a dent in reading this month's The Atlantic
  • Work in the afghan I'm making for a goodbye gift
If the pipes burst in the WARF bathroom from all the food that gets washed down the sink from lunch dishes (ew yuck... it's just a matter of time) and we were off for a week (and also had unlimited funds and all the school children magically disappeared from the Earth) I would:
  • Do #1 from the day off list every day I'm at home (or go to the gym if it's a gym day)
  • Do an entropy busting chore  from my list each day I'm at home
  • Take a day trip to Mt. Olympus or Noah's Ark in the Dells
  • Do an overnight trip to Door County
  • Read and work on the afghan if I am so inspired
If my bosses won the lottery and decided to give us all a year off with 10x our salary I would
  • Do #1 above every day and actually try to get good at all 3
  • Hire someone to clean our house
  • Go on an international mission trip and a trip somewhere else in the US
  • Do more regular volunteer work around town
  • Visit my family more and have them come visit me
  • Travel all over- Europe, Asia, wherever the wind blows
So actually what I need almost more than extra time is a generous benefactor, haha.  

What would you do if you suddenly had the gift of extra time (and if you're like me- money)?