Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ready to go!

I'm up, I'm amped up, I'm breakfasted, and I'm ready to go.  Thanks for all your kind comments (on the blog and IRL) about not worrying so much about the race and "what it means" and just going for it and doing my best today.

The blogger/runner meetup last night was a lot of fun.  Tasty food + good company is always a winner, and when you throw in cool freebies (thanks again, Jamie!)- you can't beat that.  None of us are food bloggers- plus the lighting in the restaurant is pretty low- so there's no dinner plate shots, but we did get a couple good ones of the group.

 I'm actually wearing my 13.1 Bondi Band in that picture.  That's how ready I am for this race.

 And the whole group together.

Good luck, ladies!

I'll be back with a recap later today or tomorrow.