Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Getting an MS in Baking- Whole Wheat Pancakes

One last muffin method recipe (for now) from I'm Just Here for More Food.

I made these two weekends ago for a hurried pre-church breakfast.  On the plus side, they are made with 100% whole wheat flour (you don't have to mix in white flour like with most recipes) so they are on the "healthier" side for pancakes.  On the minus side, they are kind of "healthy" tasting unless you load them up with syrup, etc.

Again, everything goes in the food processor to make (ostensibly) lighter pancakes:

The liquid ingredients- eggs, buttermilk (which will *hopefully* be featured in the 1st biscuit method recipe soon) and melted butter.

We don't have an electric griddle (#1 recommended method of cooking pancakes) or a griddle (#2 recommended method), but we do have a big sautee pan and a lopsided burner (#13 recommended method).  I made them too big; they didn't cook evenly; I burned two.  None of these things were the recipe's fault, but it definitely made me less excited about it than other things I've made.

Out of the whole batch, a few of them turned out pretty well.
  Just add syrup and a mad scramble to get to church in time, and you have breakfast from two weeks ago.