Thursday, August 19, 2010

Watch out, it's on the loose

Here's an e-mail we got from the garden staff re: our half our garden plot being crushed.  All I can do is laugh.

Subject: Dangerous tree in A row

Dear University Houses Gardeners, 
You may have noticed that a large limb from a walnut tree has come down in the
A row and disturbed several plots. We are working with campus to get this 
professionally removed, but at the moment, it is dangerously suspended by a thin 
strip of wood.  Please stay out of this area if you can and exercise care around the tree. 
This is especially true for small children who might see this has a place to explore. 
It would be great if you have extra produce to offer it to the gardeners affected if
you see them. This is an unfortunate loss for them that couldn't be avoided. 

Gretel, Garden Registrar