Monday, August 3, 2009

Carrot Freak Show

Morning all,

We had some guests in town so I didn't have a chance to do my Sunday update until Monday, but I guarantee this post will be worth the wait.

I had some good, tough runs and lifting sessions last week.

Monday- 4.5mi and upper body.

Tuesday- 6mi with 2 x 800 fast and 2 x 1 mile. I thought the first of the two mile repeats was going to kill me. I'm working on trying to push myself during my training just like I will have to push during a race. I did lower body strength in the afternoon.

Wednesday- 45 minutes on the elliptical Wednesday. I definitely needed an easy day. Upper body in the afternoon. My shoulders were super sore because I'm doing tons of overhead presses this round.

Thursday- 4.5 mi with 1 mile fast at the end. Lower body in the afternoon. This was one of those days where I didn't want to lift weights, but it actually ended up being a great workout. I was doing squats and I got in the groove with my stance and was getting good depth. It was a nice reminder that some of the best workouts are the ones we don't really feel like doing.

Friday- A very very tired 4 mi plus a lot of walking around.

Saturday- Decided to make this a rest day. It was kind of rainy out, and I was just plain tired. I did do a max push-up test and made it to 15. I squeezed another four out at the end but I just couldn't do the 20th. I'd love to be able to do 30 pushups by the end of the year, but we'll see.

Sunday- 9 mi long run. This actually went pretty well. The weather was beautiful and I felt strong the whole way. My average pace as 9:20 min/ mile, which is a little disappointing because this time last year I was running right around 9 min/mile or even a little under, but I have to accept that this is not last year, and I need to be happy with what I have now.


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Carrot Freak Show:

You will be shocked and amazed at the three-legged carrot:

The Siamese carrot triplets. Three bodies and three heads all joined together by the same neck!

The horror! The terror! Shield your childrens's eyes! No mind is able to comprehend the carrot freak show! Anyone who even attempts it will surely be driven mad.

Heed my warming, good people, that this could happen to you if you don't thin your carrots and give them proper room to grow. Otherwise you might have one of those lurking in your garden. Not that I don't have dinner plans tonight with ole Mr. Three-legs up there.

But seriously, we had a great harvest from our garden this week. My in-laws (our special guests noted above) helped us collect and clean all this stuff. Here's a picture of the bounty. What is up with my nose, though? I swear I've been laying off the 2-buck Chuck.


We had a great weekend, enjoying the beautiful weather, eating tasty food, and playing tourist here and in Milwaukee. I'm getting kind of tired of typing (how do you people who do this every day keep up with it???), but this picture pretty much sums things up:

I can't believe the most flattering picture of me from the entire weekend involves a styrofome cheese cowboy hat.

Until next time!