Friday, August 28, 2009

So I'm a Puker...

Hiya! I'm back!

I've actually been back since Wednesday afternoon, but I've been busy busy busy getting back on track after a great trip to Chicago.

Today's run was pretty hard. It was supposed to be a warm-up plus 30 minutes in HR zone 3, but I think I pushed myself beyond that.

Distance: 5mi
Type: Tempo
Time: About 46 min total including the warm-up and cool down
Pace: A little over 9 min/mile

I warmed up for .5 mi and then did the core of the workout for the next 3.5 miles followed by a 1 mi cool-down. The first 1/2 mile of the tempo run time got lumped in with my warm-up so I don't know how fast I was going. The next three miles were done in 8:31, 8:20, and 8:04. The first mile pace was about right for a tempo run- I was really pushing myself at the end.

And then I puked. I have a really sensitive stomach when it comes to pushing myself during runs. Does anyone know how I can stop this? I puke after almost every race. It's really irritating! Do I just need to do more hard runs to raise my puke threshold?

Anyway, it was a good run even if it wasn't what was scheduled.

I did a few runs in Chicago along Lake Michigan Monday and Tuesday and caught up on the weight training I missed when I was gone on Wednesday. Tomorrow will be 11 miles.

I hope to do a longer post about the trip this weekend. Have a great Friday, everyone!