Friday, August 21, 2009

The Fair

No run today. It was more cross training at the sensory deprivation gym for me. The picture on the left is what I got to look at all 45 minutes I was on the elliptical. Sometimes you get lucky and someone will be running on the track. No music except that I brought my MP3 player. Actually this gym has some perks because it is open earlier than the other gym and it's never crowded (I wonder why...). Also, I think it's a bit cooler than the other gym.

Anyway, today will hopefully be less stressful than yesterday. I feel like I have 29348793840329 things to get done before we leave for Chicago on Sunday. Work to do, e-mails to write, stuff to mail. Blah. I'm excited to go, but not about all the run-up. Probably no paper of the day. Almost everything on my list needs to get done STAT.

I'm in kind of a blah mood (and the weather is cold and rainy-ew) so I'm going to end with some happy pictures I took at the fair last weekend.

Enormous rabbit laying on a frozen water bottle.

Afro chicken

Nom nom nom nom nom