Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Heart Rate Training

I'm going to see if I can get in the habit of doing just a short blurb for each workout in the morning. Yes I just said I was going to only post once a week, but this blog basically has no continuity anyway, so who cares?!? Maybe one big post with pictures (which will hopefully be today) a week and little ones each day. I'm less motivated to visit blogs that don't get updated at least once a day unless I have some other personal connection with the author so I should try to do the same with mine, right?

Distance: 4mi
Type: Easy
Time: 39:39
Pace: 9:54

I'm doing another cut back week this week. I have a little more mileage but no intensity work. I'm also using my heart rate monitor so I know how hard or easy I'm running. Easy runs are kept in HR zone 1. It's both physically and psychologically difficult to run that slow. Actually the day after leg day when I'm trying to lose weight it actually feels about right to run that slow, but part of me hate hate hates it. All I can think about is how much faster I was this time last year. And I was. I But all I can do is accept that and try to move forward and improve where I am now. There are a lot of differences between this year and last year. I just can't compare. And anyway, the whole point of this run was to go slow. It doesn't do me any good to run my easy runs too hard, and every runner falls into that trap.

All right... enough free electronic therapy for one day.

Ah! One other thing... my goal is to read one new paper every day at work. Sometimes when I'm working on a project I get stuck because I'm just not sure of the best way to present some information. I'm hoping that this project will give me more ideas of what's going on in the research world.

Paper of the Day: Genome Based Predictions of Common Diseases: advances and prospects.

The truth is that I know next to nothing about genetics, but it's going to be an important component of an upcoming project so I guess I better start learning!

Back later for tomatoes!