Saturday, August 22, 2009


Hello from tomato land. I just harvested 18 lbs of tomatoes from the garden. I have no idea what we are going to do with all of them because we are going out of town tomorrow, but I did manage to give away 4 to the guy who lives next to us. The most exciting thing is I picked one with a nose! Call the Enquirer. Edited to say: Pictures at the bottom.

Today's run was really really good. Not my fastest ever, but I felt really strong the whole time.

Distance: 10 mi
Type: Long
Time: 1:33:45
Pace: 9:22 min/mile

Part of this was fueled by an unintentional (Can anyone else just not control themselves at a restaurant?) carbo load last night at Bluephies. Three pieces of bread with olive cheese spread and 4 baby enchiladas are good for long runs but no so great for the figure. Oh well... I'm back to normal eating habits today.

Some people post pictures of all the beautiful things they cook and eat during the day. Me? It's all about farm animals and vegetables (remember, for the purposes of this blog a tomato is a vegetable).

Tomato with a nose!

I kind of thought about trying to put sunglasses on it after the fact, but I really don't think that would have worked.

Here is our harvest (minus the nasty ones I didn't realize were nasty when I was picking them):

This is maybe 15lbs of tomatoes. You know how many lbs of tomatoes the Joy of Cooking katsup (I think it was katsup) recipe calls for??? 40lbs!!!!! I can't even imagine.

Today I just washed and bagged the little guys and threw them in the freezer. This is how you preserve tomatoes if you have access to modern conveniences and are lazy/going out of town the next day:

So I guess having a deep freeze is helpful if you want to save a lot of food. Not sure if there are any outlets in our storage unit... or if we could get something that big down there without anyone noticing (we did get the treadmill up here...).