Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sensory Deprivation Zen Elliptical Training

Real quick one before our staff meeting!

No run today. I did 45 minutes of elliptical/Zen mind training at the Shell this morning. The normal gym (the one with the TVs) isn't open in the mornings this week because school is not in session so I had to go to the more bare bones gym where your only visual stimulus is watching people run around an 1/8 mile track. Actually, it's kind of fun to put on my MP3 player and zone out for 45 minutes. My daydreams can be pretty entertaining... to me anyway.

Also, the world has ended. Brett Favre is going to the Vikings. Actually I don't care about the NFL, the Packers, Brett Favre and the rest, but don't let anyone in WI hear me say that. The radio station is giving away, "We'll never forget you, Brent" t-shirts. This is bigger news than the mayor of Milwaukee getting beaten with a pipe for trying to break up a family fight at the fair last weekend. Crazy stuff.

Paper of the Day: Prediction and Interaction in Complex Disease Genetics: Experience in Type-1 Diabetes.