Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sense and Sensibility and Seamonsters and Sunday

So obviously I read a bunch of SSSM yesterday. Sorry Jane Austen fans, but even an narwhal attaching Sub Marine Station Beta (aka London on the bottom of the ocean) couldn't make me care any more about lame-o Edward Ferrars and the rest of the crew. At least with PPandZ I was engaged in the actual story line, but I just don't see it ending very well for anyone in SSSM. Poor Dashwood sisters... sigh.

In other news, I had a good 10 mi run on the treadmill. I think this is going to be my new long run distance for a little while. It was enough that I was feeling fatigued at the end but not so much that I struggled to keep a good pace. The gym was busy yesterday but there was just enough turn over that no one kicked me off. I think I might try to do my long run on Thursday or Friday next week so it's less crowded. Hopefully after that our treadmill will be fixed, and I won't have to worry about jockeying for a treadmill at the crowded gym (which is the whole point of having our own).

So this brings the weekly workout totals to:
Run: 34 mi
Spin: 1x
Yoga: 5x (planning to do it today)
Pushups: 3x

Otherwise I got everything done on my list except yoga yesterday, but I decided I needed a nap instead. The concert last night was good. We saw Jim Hurst, who I guess you would call a folk guitarist, play at a tiny coffee shop on the East Side. We were the youngest people there by 30 years (since when is that new?), but the music was good, and it was nice to get out and do something different.

Today is another church-filled day. I also need to practice piano and do some yoga, but otherwise all the urgent chores have been finished.

Hope you all have a relaxing Sunday.