Friday, January 22, 2010

Things that make you go, "Yay".

I got tagged by Morning Runner so here is my update in "10 things that make me happy" form.

1. It's Friday (woohoo!).

2. I got my abstract finished. Now I just have to slash about 200 characters from it.

3. Mystery fish turned out pretty good last night. I made cornmeal crusted tilapia, except we had one salmon fillet and one talapia fillet left. It was tasty, and D. said he's pretty sure he's never had fried salmon before, haha.

(mmmmm... fish + veggies in the Buddha bowl)

5. I've made some good meals this week. I used to be a terrible cook, but I'm definitely getting better with practice.

6. I had a good, strong 9mi yesterday on the gym treadmill. I didn't die of boredom, and no one tried to kick me off.

7. My mileage build-up is going well. None of my aches and pains (both mental and physical) that I had this time last year seem to be raising their ugly heads.

5. I'm feeling good for my 5mi run this morning. I rarely run 5 days in a row, so I was a little afraid this would be too much. I'm excited to have all my miles for the week in now because...

8. We're going to Kalahari Indoor Water Park this evening for a youth retreat and staying to play tomorrow.

9. We have reservations for restaurant week next week.

10. I enjoy all your blogs too much to pick 10 to tag. Plus by the time things like this get to me, everyone else has already done them. But if you want to share 10 things that make you happy, well, make yourself happy :).