Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lazy Sunday

It's so hard to come up with creative post titles. I'm sure I've used "lazy Sunday" at least a few times in the past, but it truly does describe my goal for every Sunday- to have at least some lazy time.

I had a hard time getting up this morning because I stayed up too late watching season 2 disc 2 of 30 Rock. When the alarm went off at 6am, I hit the snooze and lay in bed listening to the radiator make noises. Sometimes it sounds like someone playing the xylophone. Other times the whole apartment creeks and groans, and I imagine that I'm living in a giant Transformer that's changing into from into its robot form.

But I had to get up because I needed to get two loads of laundry done before we have a marathon church day. We're going to early service because we're starting our 5-week church membership classes. Then we have to be back at 5pm for youth group. And the church is about 30 min away so there's also driving time to factor in. So other than laundry, a little house cleaning, and maybe some 30 Rock watching not a lot else will get done today. No workouts unless I decide to do some really easy, non-arm-related yoga.

Also, I'm going to brag here and say I rocked out my tempo run yesterday. Truthfully the pace wasn't hard at all. What was hard was the mental part of running for 3x19 minutes at tempo pace on the treadmill while watching infomercials for the Beach Body Insanity DVD workout system. (The gym really needs to get their TV situation fixed.) The first interval and first half of the second interval weren't too bad, but the rest of the time was a mental battle to just.keep.going. So even though it wasn't a tough workout physically, I was feeling pretty BAMF for sticking it out mentally. I just kept telling myself that this was the part that was going to make me a better runner, and it seemed to work.

D and I also went to hot yoga yesterday evening (speaking of things that are difficult for me). My arms and back are super tired. I'm trying to keep a yoga streak going, but if I do anything it will be more like easy stretching (ie NO chair pose).

Last I wanted to give a shout out to Jess who is going to rock the Houston Marathon today. Good luck!!!!