Sunday, January 3, 2010

Treadmill Redux

It's 1 (feels like 1) outside so I'm back on the treadmill again. I think all the people who get out and run when it's close to 0 are totally BAMF, but I appreciate my nose and fingers too much to do that to them.

I got in 8mi on the mill yesterday, which was more of a mental feat than a physical one. Today will be about 5, mostly because I've been procrastinating on it and we need to get out the door for church.

I'm still working on getting everything organized and ready to go back to work tomorrow (and ready to leave again on Thursday). Most of the mail has been dealt with. We have plans to take the car for repairs. Closets and bookshelves have been examined for give-aways, which will be taken to St. Vinny's today. I read a few personal finance blogs, and a lot of people talk about getting a high from buying stuff. I'm actually the opposite and get a high from cleaning out clutter and giving unused things away.

There was also some relaxation done yesterday. We watched season one disc one of 30-Rock and did the Inner Fire Flow community yoga class. Even though I'm pretty terrible at it, I love how relaxed and loose yoga makes me feel when I'm done. I got a great new yoga DVD for Christmas (Dave Swenson's short forms) and I hope between that and catching the occasional Saturday class I'll be able to improve my strength and flexibility a lot this year.