Thursday, January 14, 2010

Back in Action

It was hard to think of myself as being really back into the swing of normal life last week because I knew we were going to go out of town again, but this time it's for real.

Almost everyone was gone at work yesterday because they took a field trip to meet with a collaborator at another university so I had some time to review everything I have in my queue. It was frustrating, though, because I'd make some progress on one thing only to have to stop because I had a question that had to be answered by someone who was out of town. Oh well... I'm 80% done with a few things, and hopefully I'll get to check a lot of mini-projects off my list today after a little discussion.

Although I did a good job running and walking over my vacations, my normal strength training, push-ups and yoga, were nonexistent. So I got in my am pus-ups and 30 min of yoga after work yesterday, and I'm pretty sore.

I also got back on the cooking wagon with a smoky fish chowder recipe from the Real Simple magazine my mom (thanks, Mom) bought me for the plane ride. This turned out really well, and I managed not to over- or under-cook any of the various parts. If mine had turned out looking like this

I would have taken a picture. But alas mine looked like red stuff with blobs in it so no picture from me. It tasted as good as that looked, though. And we have tons of leftovers for Saturday lunch.

Now it's time to get it in gear to run on the dreadmill. It's actually pretty warm outside, but when we do this freeze/thaw thing it makes the sidewalks and roads incredibly icy, which makes it impossible to do 800m intervals. You either have to stop all the time to navigate the sidewalk glaciers or you risk slipping and breaking a wrist or your brain. Maybe tomorrow or Saturday I'll get back outside.