Sunday, January 24, 2010

Melt, melt, melt

It's been raining for about the last 24 hours, and I'm hoping by the end of the day all the ice around our car will be gone. Unfortunately today is our last warm day for the week, and we're headed back to highs in the low 20s and teens for awhile.

Our youth leader retreat this weekend was fun and productive (at least I think so). We drove up to the Dells Friday night after stopping for dinner at the original Culvers in Sauk City (which is exactly like every other Culvers you have or have not been to). That night we had talks about the direction of the program and various high school related issues. Some people stayed up to play games and goof around, but at 11:30pm on Friday I was ready to crash.

Saturday morning we broke into groups to discuss what we liked and disliked and brainstormed about different aspects of the program. I think this was the most productive aspect of the trip. It was nice to share some of the things I'd been thinking about during the year, and a few of the leaders had some tips that I'm looking forward to using in my group. All in all, I think there was good discussion, and I'm glad we went. Plus I really enjoy the other leaders. Everyone is friendly and no one is clique-y, which can be the case at these things sometimes.

We did the water park on Saturday afternoon. There were only 6 slides and not much in the way of lines so we had all the fun Kalahari had to offer us in about 2.5 hours. Sorry Wisconsinites. I'm a jaded Orlando girl. Your theme parks will probably never impress me.

I made myself get up at normal work-day time today so I could run before church at 9 and try to get myself back on schedule for the upcoming week. The plan is 5 mi on the treadmill because running in (almost) freezing rain has absolutely no appeal. Hope you all had a fun/productive/restful weekend.