Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Still with the 'mill

Sorry MarathonMaiden, I didn't run outside yesterday. I probably should/could have- especially since it's going to get COLD again later this week- but my love of being warm and my (somewhat) irrational fear of black ice won out. Is it really that bad if I don't run outside again until March or April?

I feel like I've handled this winter much better than last year, but still I'm getting pretty sick of it. One of my co-workers said she considers Feb 1. the be the middle of winter and every day after is a day closer to spring. In that case I guess it's not so bad. We only have a few more days left in January, and I remember there being a few nice days sprinkled in March.

This morning will be 6.5 on the treadmill and tomorrow is (hopefully) spinning!!! again. Woohoo!

This evening is our first restaurant week dinner at Inka Heritage. I went there for lunch during restaurant week last year, and it was tasty and very different from normal Madison restaurant fare. Not sure what I'm going to order yet, but I'm looking forward to it!