Thursday, January 28, 2010

Guess I need to pull out my warmer pants

Because it's "feels like" -13. So obviously it's another treadmill morning. I'm planning to do 5.75 (yeah, goofy, but I did 6.75 on Tuesday and I want a round number for the week) with a little fast stuff thrown in at the end. Spinning yesterday was great. So so so nice to do something different. The workout wasn't too hard, but I'm sure it will get there soon.

I'm feeling much better about my two big projects at work, too. Today should *hopefully* be about finishing up the details and getting things approved for the final (or second to final) time. If all goes well and those things are finished today, I have a couple easy routine things that I need to do that will be slated for tomorrow so I can have a brain chillout day.

My first piano lesson was good. We talked about my music background and my goals for the lessons. The teacher didn't have any music picked out for me to start practicing (we are going to do a lot of left hand stuff) so we just started with scales and good playing technique. I think it will give me plenty to do because it's been a long time since I've played a B scale.

This should be a pretty chill evening filled with yoga, piano practice, and trying a new recipe for a chicken tamale casserole-type dish. Oh yeah... and Bones and 30 Rock! Although maybe I need to stop watching Bones. The rerun we saw last night was so scary I made D go get the last of the laundry because I was too afraid to go back down to the basement, haha. Yep, I'm a wimp... and lazy.

Have a good Thursday, everyone. Stay warm out there.