Friday, January 29, 2010


I'm not trying to *complain* about winter because I said this year I wasn't going to *complain*, but I am going to state that it was really cold out yesterday and it's really cold out today (-2 air temperature) and I would prefer that not to be the case.

Yesterday I had to go to the computer science building to get some paperwork signed with D, and when I tried to take the bus back, it was so packed with lazy undergrads (the ones who just take the bus up the hill- you know who you are) that I had to walk all the way back to my building. Yeah it was only a mile or so, but a mile or so when it's 4 degrees out (or whatever) is a long way to walk. I spent the rest of the day at work chilled, and when I got home I had to get in the shower with the hot water cranked up until I could thaw out enough to put on my yoga clothes. Okay, okay, rant over.

Despite having a darn good week of running so far, I'm planning to do the elliptical today. I really want to run, but I'm really paranoid about doing too much too soon (especially since I'm trying to more speed work) and getting hurt. So elliptical it is. (BTW, when I did my "speedy" session at the end of my run yesterday, I got all the way up to 7.9. Maybe one of these days I'll venture into the "8s", haha. Definitely uncharted territory.)

Tonight's restaurant week dinner is at Ocean's Grill. I've been there once before for a restaurant week lunch, and it was very good, so I'm looking forward to going back and trying something different. I've been cooking, too, but nothing very photogenic. We made a hash brown/egg casserole on Monday evening (needed to use up eggs and potatoes) that would have been better if I'd used packaged hash browns rather than trying to make my own like the recipe suggested. Wednesday we had pizza, and last night we had chicken tamale casserole.

I got my abstract okay-ed at work, and I hope to get it submitted today. The submission deadline is Monday, but I like to do it a little early just in case something weirdo happens. This turned out to be both good and bad. I'm super glad to have it done, but my brain got that "I'm done" signal and wanted to start the weekend yesterday. Not good. I still have a lot of stuff to get done today, and I want to feel the happy "done" feeling on all that as I go into the weekend.

TGIF, everyone!