Monday, January 4, 2010


Other than the days of our drives to and from TN, this is the first time I've gotten up at 5am in a week and a half. My brain is starting to kick in and remember that- oh yeah, I have this thing called a job that I have to go to, which means I have I get up early to exercise.

After a restful vacation, I feel ready to use my brain again and think that- unlike some vacations where I need a vacation to recover from my vacation- I was able to do a good bit of recharging in the last week and a half. It seems like I've been away forever, and I feel some anxiety that I'm going to be incredibly behind, but I need to keep reminding myself that- between the holiday and furlough days- I actually only missed 3 work days when I was gone.

We worked on some kitchen improvement projects yesterday, including replacing our old food processor that was really hard to use and putting up a magnetic strip to hold our knives rather than having two huge knife blocks taking up precious, precious counter space.

Also, we watched 10 episodes of 30 Rock season 2 and I made my second to last Christmas ornament. YAY!

Well, it's about time to get ready to head to the gym. After two days of treadmill, I'm going to zone out on the elliptical for awhile. Here's hoping the battery on my MP3 player has enough charge!