Saturday, January 30, 2010

Happy Birthday

I don't think he reads this, but just in case, here's a Happy Birthday shout out to my little brother. He's 24 now- and 6'4" - so I guess he's not so little. This picture was taken before my wedding, but it's one of my favorites of us from the "modern era".

Last night's dinner was very good. The surprise hit of the evening: escargot. Neither one of us had eaten it before, but it was really good. I expected it to have a chewier, grittier texture more like some shellfish, but it was very tender. It really tasted like a mushroom more than anything else (D called it a cross between shrimp and a mushroom). So ceviche and escargot have both been moved from the "slightly scary" food list to the "very tasty" food list.

Today will be busy. Starting with getting ready to go so I can hit the grocery store when it opens at 8. Then I'm running 10mi at 9 on the gym treadmill (hoping our treadmill parts get here soon!). After that is family phone calls, dust/vacuum/mop, dealing with the mail and paying bills, practicing piano, hopefully going to hot yoga (or doing it here), and going to a concert this evening. Actually, now that I have it all written out, it doesn't seem like that much. Plus many of the things (running, piano, phone calls, yoga, going to the concert) are things I want to do rather than have to do. And the things I have to do are not that bad (i.e. not laundry).

Well, I guess I better get moving here. I love being the only customer at Trader Joe's when it opens. No stress about getting all your stuff bagged AND swiping your card by the time the cashier is done ringing you up. Ah, so nice. Have a good Saturday, all.