Monday, February 28, 2011

Thank you

My prayers for an outside run or two this week may have been answered.  The wintry mix we were supposed to get yesterday and last night never came, the sidewalks are pretty clear, and the overnight lows are inching back up into the 20s.  This morning is still a gym morning, but I'm hoping for a good outside run tomorrow.

I did try to take advantage of the inside weekend to start on a project I've wanted to work on for some time- a snowflake afghan.  This is not for me- I still 85% hate snow- it's going to be a gift for a co-worker who has been amazingly wonderful and helpful to me the last 2.5 years and happens to love Christmas decorations.  Although we still aren't exactly sure when Daniel will graduate, we know our time here is (probably) limited so  starting the blanket now gives me awhile to actually finish the whole thing.  

Here's the start.  The first piece always takes the longest while you're figuring out what you are doing.  I'm about 75% finished with the second one, but I had to rip out the second to last row because of a mistake.

And the pattern with the finished product:

 Only 29.25 more snowflakes to go.  I think that's do-able in the next couple years :).

Time to get ready to start another week!