Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow day

A day too late...  The weather was much worse yesterday- I guess it could pick back up but it doesn't look like it will- but classes are cancelled, state government is closed to the public, and no buses are running- so we are not going anywhere.  Edit: I just talked to a coworker who said it's incredibly windy and there are huge snow drifts everywhere so maybe a snow day was warranted.

Unfortunately I don't technically have the day off.    According to the UW website:

Employees designated as non-essential are advised to use their own discretion regarding their health and safety, and that of their family members, before coming to campus.
Non-essential employees are required to use appropriate leave (i.e., vacation, personal holiday, furlough, etc.) to be excused from the work day Wednesday.
Kinda stingy with the free time off, UW.  Oh well.  Last night we decided that if the bus was running we would plan to go to work/school, but if it wasn't then we'd stay home, so home I am.  I have two furlough days I have to take this spring anyway.  This might as well be one of them.  
So what did we celebrate Storm of the Century Eve?  Um (don't kill us, family) we went to the Badger men's basketball game.

I'd never been to a college basketball game before, so when a coworker (who is probably wondering if she will ever get home from Cincinnati right now) offered us her tickets, I said yes.  There was a lot of debate about braving the weather, but because we could take the bus back and forth we decided to go for it.  It was an exciting game and the Badgers won, which made it worth getting sprayed in the face by snow and packed on a bus with 75 undergrads who were excited about classes being cancelled.  
Nothing special planned for the day.  Probably some yoga and shoveling because running and the gym are out.  Stay safe and warm out there if you are currently being blizzarded.