Saturday, February 26, 2011

Motivation, where are you???? I need you????

Remember the good old days- like last week- when it wasn't 12 degrees and there wasn't snow all over the roads?  I was so excited about training for my first spring race.  Now- blech- we are back in full on winter mode.  It's 11- feels like 3- and there's just enough snow dusting the sidewalks and roads that I can't tell if I want to wear my grippers or not.  I'm on schedule for 10 miles at 1/2 marathon pace + 20 seconds, but honestly I'll be happy with myself if I get out for 8 just plain old regular miles.  And- at almost 7am- I need to get going because it takes 15 minutes to get dressed to run in weather like that.

We had a relaxing Friday evening starting with several impulse buys including a cool puzzle, a backgammon board, and two books at our nearby Borders going out of business sale and ending with this week's episodes of 30 Rock, Outsourced and Glee.

Other than running and a trip to the grocery store, today is an inside day.  No fun trips downtown- for us anyway.  Come back, spring!!!!  Come back!!!!