Thursday, February 3, 2011

Okay, winter. That's enough.

After 12 inches of snow in the last two days, our new fun winter gift is 1 degree temperature this morning.  Which means that everything that wasn't cleaned up yesterday (which is a lot) is now frozen solid.

We slept in and puttered around the house for awhile before we ventured out to clean up the snow.  I just focused on cleaning off our porch and the first floor porch so people could open their doors all the way and *hopefully* no one will slip this morning.

Daniel did the heavy lifting.  He blazed a path down to the parking lot (you can see it in the pictures below) and then cleaned off our parking spot.  Because of the wind, the snow was in huge drifts (up to 6ft I've read).  Here's a few pictures to give you an idea how deep it was in some places:

Here are the stairs up to the apartment buildings from the parking lot.  You can see that it comes up almost to the top of the railings.

And here's the drift we were greeted with when we first woke up.  It actually looks kind of small in the pictures, but when you stand in it (or try to take a basket of laundry through it), it feels very deep.

Everything is open for business as usual again today.  I'm headed to the gym for a run and we are both back to work.  Stay warm out there!