Friday, February 18, 2011

On Wisconsin!

To the Clock Tower hotel in Rockford.

At least that's the rumor about where all our state assembly democrats are hanging out while the capitol continues on it's trip straight to Crazytown.

And crazy it has been.  I started writing a post about the conflict, but it got long and rant-y pretty quick, and I know you don't want to read about how my heart bleeds for the children and the teachers and my paycheck.  You can read about it from your new source of choice, but it's definitely been interesting for me because I've never experienced anything like this wild shut everything down, go protest, Democracy with a capital D before.

Unfortunately I've had a ton of work to do all week, so I haven't been out to the capitol, but I have asked my coworkers who have gone to shout things for me.  Everything has been peaceful and orderly so far- the protesters have even stayed off the capitol lawn- just a lot of yelling and signs and stuff.  Daniel has been twice, and he said the highlights from yesterday included two people dressed as Captain America, some high schoolers with their band instruments, and a guy who was sitting on a bench yelling, "And while you're at it, legalize marijuana!"  Which is not to say the situation isn't serious.  It is, and people are truly worried about the consequences if the bill passes.

It will certainly be interesting to see how things play out.  A lot of other states have budget deficits, and I think the results will indicate whether other legislatures try to take on the unions or see if they can live without adding another lane to a highway. 

In other totally unrelated news, I had a great 6-mi tempo run yesterday.  It started off a little slow at 8:45, but the following miles were 8:33, 8:32, 8:23, 8:23, and BOOM 8:03.  Looking forward to another good run tomorrow.

Happy Friday!