Saturday, January 15, 2011

What's your sign?

Hopefully not Ophiuchus.  I'm not even sure how to say that word!  Is it a "ch" sounding "ch" on the end or an "sh" sounding "ch"?  Too confusing.  Adding in the new "octopus" sign, I changed from a Virgo to a Leo.  For a brief but thoughtful discussion of the impact of this change, see TutuRunner.*

Last night we ate dinner at Wah Kee,  a Chinese restaurant on the near east side that had high praise from a co-worker ("I would make a special trip in from out of town to eat at Wah Kee") and on Yelp.  I didn't take a picture from the outside, and I guess no one else has either because I didn't get any hits on Google Images.  Just imagine your typical strip-mall Chinese restaurant.

I'll start by saying that I like Chinese food, but I don't have a sophisticated enough palate to really tell the difference between the quality of restaurants.  I wouldn't like something if I felt like it was way too greasy or way too bland (or greasy and bland - ick), but other than that I'm not very discerning.

Like many Chinese restaurants, the menu was extensive.  Daniel picked the pepper steak rice stick (big flat) noodle entree immediately, but I had trouble choosing.  I knew I wanted something somewhat spicy with at least some vegetables and with noodles rather than rice.  When I asked the waiter for a recommendation for a noodle dish, he pointed at the page that said "noodle dishes" and said, "Well, these all have noodles in them."  Thanks for your help.  Actually, he ended up being helpful, and I settled on Pad See Ew.

We both added a little hot sauce to our dishes and thought they were really good.  Just enough grease to make it authentic strip-mall Chinese food but not enough that I went home and emptied the bottle of Tums.  I would definitely make this at least one of our "go to" places for Chinese.  I'd say it was equal in quality to Hong Kong Cafe (as if I really knew) but has the benefit of having more noodle dishes on the menu.

Looks like 8mi of tromping through the snow.  We got a few inches last night.  Yesterday ended up being 6.5 on the treadmill.

*You really should.  It will take you 30 seconds, and you will laugh.