Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I'm on a lake!

I'm on a lake.  I'm on a big frozen lake.

I got the lake pictures (taken Monday) off my camera*

It's amazing how clear the ice was.  If you looked down through the cracks (which were frozen back together) you could see that it was about 6in-1ft thick.  See coworker Dan walking on water:

A picture looking back on campus from out on the ice:

Taking all the fear out of walking out on the lake- it was actually really shallow where we were walking.  If the ice did crack the worst that would happen is wet feet.  There's a piece of lake weed suspended in the ice:

Crazy ice fisherman:

 Picture of downtown.  If you squint, you can see the capital right in the middle:

For all the times I've toted my camera around and not taken any pictures, this was the first time I'd really wished I'd had it.  I'm sure I'll have some crazy extra charge for sending these pictures, but I think it was worth it.

Resolution update

I was on such a role with accomplishment yesterday I also checked off two resolution goals for the week.

The first was a little bit of a punt.  I have cooked spinach before- and probably with eggs for dinner- but I didn't have a chance to do any real meal planning before we went to the store on Sunday, so my new veggie for the week is cooked spinach in a coconut curry frittata:

This was a little bland, but you can't really taste test the raw egg so we covered it in ketchup, and it wasn't too bad.

I also sent a Christmas letter electronically to a friend who let me know I accidentally sent her card without a letter or even signing it.  Oops.  I think I remember thinking I might not have filled up her card before I sent it, but I was so tired of doing cards at that point that I didn't worry about it.  Anyway, she got to be my first "reach out and touch someone" of 2011.


I'm headed back to the gym this morning to do a treadmill track workout.  It's gotten cold again- boo- but fortunately no snow buildup.

Stay warm out there!

*Thanks, Dr. T. for the suggestion.  I was able to send a Pix Message to my e-mail account.  Hopefully I will not have to un-thank you when I see my phone bill ;).