Monday, January 24, 2011

A Warming Trend

So no, I didn't go run outside yesterday morning.  Thankfully -18 didn't stick around too long.  It wasn't windy when we left for church so it didn't seem that horrible, but it did that thing where your body doesn't feel too bad but any exposed skin (read: your entire face) hurts.  By the time we got home at noon, it felt pretty warm out, and I thought that maybe -18 had been wrong.  I checked the Weather Channel website.  It was 9 degrees.  Ah, perceptions.

Yesterday was one of those winter hibernation days.  Other than church, the only things we had on our agenda were watching the Packer game*, and reservations at the Melting Pot for restaurant week.  I did accomplish a few things- I prepped lunch for the week, did yoga, moved my baby pictures to a new acid-free photo album, and practiced piano- but I also laid on the couch, alternately glancing at the TV to make sure the Packers were still winning and taking part in one of my many guilty pleasures, reading books about climbing Mt. Everest.       

By the time we got home from dinner, I felt like an anaconda that had laid around in the sun all day, slithered over to a rabbit's burrow, gorged myself on baby bunnies, and slithered back to my rock to lay in the sun again.  Or alternately, like this cat:


Back on the old TM today.  I'm expecting great things.  Every pre-workout dinner should be fueled- at least in part- by Rice Krispie Treats dipped in chocolate mixed with marshmallow fluff and Oreos.

*We got a letter in the mail saying that if we didn't watch the game and cheer for the Packers, the State of Wisconsin would revoke our drivers' licenses. (No- not really)