Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Can we be done with winter yet?

I'm guessing the rest of you are with me on this one.

I celebrated being off for Martin Luther King Jr. Day by driving through the slush to the dentist, cleaning and organizing the kitchen (because I was not driving anywhere else), letting Daniel drive through the slush to our optometrist appointments and to our small group meeting (which was very small as there was only one other couple able to make it), and hoping nothing important on the bottom of the car got squashed when we parked in our very snowy parking spot.

All of that makes it sound like I had a bad day yesterday, which is actually not true at all.  The gym was empty and I got in a great treadmill run (yay!), I had a good report from the dentist, I finished some home-type projects that have been on my list for a loooong time, I knocked out a once-a-year appointment without having to take time off work (and I don't need new contacts), and we got to spend time talking to friends of ours in a way we can't really in a larger group.

We also tried our new vegetable of the week last night, baby bok choy,

served in chicken adobo with bok choy from this month's Real Simple.  Say what you will about the rest of the magazine, but the recipes are generally good and easy.

 At the end of the weekend I feel rested, relaxed and just a little bit bored and ready to go back to work.  I think I could go for a 3-day weekend every week.

Would you work a flexed schedule (4 10-hour days, etc) to have extra time off on the weekend?
I'd love to, but I know that those last two hours would probably not be very productive for me.  Eight hours is about the limit of my good thinking time.  Sometimes I also think it would be nice to work one weekend day and have one weekday off to do appointments, run errands, etc. while most other people are at work.

Yesterday was 8mi on the treadmill doing treadmill track workout #1 again.  This time starting at 8.1 and going up to 8.5.  Today will be weights.