Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas vacation show and tell part 1

When it gets cold enough in FL, Manatees that normally live in the Indian River move into Blue Springs, where the water stays a constant- warmer- temperature.

Manatee Hot Tub Time Machine?
Because the water is clear (and the area is probably smaller), Blue Springs is the perfect place to see them.

The best picture I got was Lindsay Lohan Manatee with her tracking device:

We did this once before when I was in the 8th grade, and back then you could actually walk down to the water and pet the manatees (Manatees as a rule have type B personalities.), but someone probably tried to ride on one and you can't get down to the water to touch them anymore.

One thing that hasn't changed is a huge tree that got hit by lightning.

Note the little kid posing in the background.
Same tree, 15 years ago:
Which answers the question, "Do I look the same as I did at 13?"  Yes.  I do.
I love UW when the undergrads aren't around!  The gym has been dead every morning.  I will be sad when the New Year's Resolution-ers get back in a few weeks.

Yesterday I ran 7mi on the treadmill doing treadmill track workout #2 from Training Plans for Multisport Athletes.  I started the intervals at 8.0 and worked up to 8.5.  I really like these workouts.  They make the time fly by, and are definitely tough enough to satisfy resolution #4.

Right before vacation I had a reader ask about running outside during the winter.  I definitely do it, but I've found that it doesn't work well for any kind of quality workout.  It's just too hard to get going when it's really cold and there's ice and snow on the ground.  As for what to wear- I'd say the closer you get to 0 (or below) and the longer you plan to be out- you should try to wear as much as possible.  Up to a down jacket, if you've got it, put it on.  Here's a post where I mention what I wear when it's really cold.  For me, the hand and toe warmers are the thing that make the biggest difference in my comfort.  Dr. TriRunner also has some excellent posts on winter running.  

But I'll be warm and toasty inside today because it's a strength training day with maybe a little elliptical depending on the time.