Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Come out and play

Yesterday I installed IntenseDebate (which might look familiar to some of you :) ) so I can fiiiiiinally reply to comments in a way that people will actually see.  It will be very exciting if it actually works.

So here's the deal- I need people to comment so I can test the system.  If I already "know" you, say hi.  If you are lurking, this is your chance to de-lurk.  Tell me a fun fact about yourself, where you live (like state, I'm not asking for your address- my Christmas card list is long enough) and introduce me to your blog if you have one.  I love to read blogs by "regular people" so don't be shy (like Mommy's Going for a Run - thanks for the comment yesterday- I also really enjoyed Into Thin Air- I only wish it wasn't a true story).

I had a good treadmill run yesterday.  8 solid miles but no hard intervals.  Today will be weights.  I'm kind of sad I didn't pick today as my run day because it's a balmy 26 out.  I was crossing my fingers for tomorrow morning being warm but alas, it's predicted to be "feels like 1" at 6am.