Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas vacation show and tell part 2

We're going to Disney World

Having grown up in Orlando, people always ask if I used to go to Disney all the time.  Ummm... it's like $100 a ticket so... no.  I've probably been more times than the national average, but that puts me at about 4-5 vs 1.  But when we were visiting my parents, looking for something to do, we saw that The Grand Floridian (one of the Disney hotels) was displaying a 6ft tall gingerbread house that people could visit for free (the magic word).

  Because none of us had been out to Disney in 10+ years, we decided to ride the monorail past the Magic Kingdom around to all the hotels.

While at the Polynesian, we saw a mother duck and her (probably robotic- nothing at Disney is actually real) cute baby ducklings.

We also drove over to Downtown Disney and saw the giant lego figures and ate Ghirardelli ice cream, but the place was packed so I didn't get any pictures.  In fact, the Magic Kingdom was so busy that a couple days people were turned away because the park was full.  In the words of the guy working the monorail at the Contemporary, "You don't want to go to Disney on the day there's a line for Small World."

We did a few other things- shop in TN, go to a play, see True Grit- but most of the rest of the trip was family-related.

We had Christmas dinner with my dad's side of the family.

Here's a "would have been good" picture of my brother and I and our significant others that I ruined by goofing off.

We spent New Year's with Daniel's family and saw his brother and his brother's wife and his dad's parents

It was a great trip, and I'm thankful that our job/school schedules allowed us so much time off. Even though I had a hard time going back to work Monday, I truly felt rested and ready to go after two weeks of relaxing family time.

Weights + 30 min easy elliptical at the gym yesterday.  I'll say it again, I love UW with no undergrads!  This morning I'm going to try running on our treadmill again.  I thought our downstairs neighbors might be gone, but alas, they are not.  But the weather isn't too horrible, so if they complain I'll just get dressed real quick and finish up outside.