Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 Race Plans

I've updated my sidebar to show tentative race plans for 2011.  I say tentative because there's probably more races listed there than I can realistically do, and I don't know what my travel schedule will be like later in the year (eg. I expect to travel a lot in May where I have a several races listed).  I've got some old favorites on there and a few new races I'd like to try.

The general theme for this year is to try to run a lot of shorter races.  I feel like I'm better at mid-distance runs (10k or so), and I enjoy speed training more than slogging through long runs.  Will I change my mind later on and decide to run another marathon (TCM in Oct??)?  Will I get inspired watching Hood to Coast tonight and find myself running through Rockford at 3am in the Ragnar Relay this June?  Maybe.  There are so many great runs in the Madison area and the Midwest, you could race almost every weekend from March to November.

Yesterday's treadmill track workout was hard.  It started with 5min at 8.0 and worked up to 2.5min at 8.3.  It's interesting to go through phases during each interval where I feel like I can't go anymore, but then I hang on just a few seconds more and start to feel better.  I think these workouts will be good practice for the mental toughness part of races that I still have trouble with.

Today I'm headed back to the gym (trudging through 4 new inches of snow) for weights.