Wednesday, January 26, 2011


To everyone for helping me test out the new comment system.  It looks like the only "feature" I need to work through is that you can't see the "Leave a comment" button unless you click through the main page to the actual post.  At Sarah's suggestion, I'm going to uninstall IntenseDebate (Why couldn't they have called it NiceConversation?) and re-install it a different way.

A special "Hi" to TurboNurse.  I saved your blog in my GoogleReader and look forward to catching up on your NICU nursing and Tae Kwon Do adventures!

This is the first day since I began my everyday posting resolution that I haven't had much to say.  I started writing a paper at work yesterday, which turned into a exercise in how many times I could go to the bathroom to procrastinate on writing a paper at work yesterday.  Actually, I think it's starting to come together in my head, and I have some ideas of some reading I can do to help me think about how the paper should be organized.  I have a "Get out of vessel measurement jail free" card this morning to give blood, so from 10:45- noon or so I will be pondering the mysteries of the cataract surgery-refraction-axial length relationship universe while squeezing the squeezy ball and feeling my ears sweat.

Planning on 8mi on the treadmill.  Exciting stuff.  I didn't have to watch the State of the Union speech last night because I'm going to get 1:12 to 1:13 of it this morning.  The forecast is looking good for a warm (high 20's- woot!) run outside on Saturday morning.

Tomorrow I'm going to take a yoga flow class at a local studio.  They offered a Groupon last week for 5 classes for $20, plus your first class there is free so it's a pretty good deal.  I have to leave early to get there so look for another guest post courtesy of Daniel tomorrow.