Saturday, January 8, 2011

Summer Infusion

Camera-phobe no more.  This is my first Madison restaurant review!

After a week of cold and snow, I needed an escape to the islands.  Last night we used a Groupon to try out Jolly Bob's, a "Jamaican" restaurant on the east side of town.

To add to the island experience, we were seated at a table over a heating vent.  For me this was worth an extra dollar on the tip, but Daniel got so hot he had to cover it with a menu.

Dinner started off with wedge salads with four choices of "islandy" dressing.  I chose a curry vinaigrette and Daniel's was creamy papaya (I think).  The oranges were really tasty.

Next came dinner.  I had almond-crusted shrimp in papaya sauce.

And Daniel had chicken curry.

Like pretty much every other restaurant on Willy St., this place looked like a dive from the outside, but had good food.  There are not many places in Madison to get seafood that isn't fried cod.  I would definitely go back, but wouldn't make it a priority because (like pretty much every other restaurant on Willy St.) it's a giant pain to park- especially during the winter.

It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.  25 minutes into a great treadmill run yesterday morning, our downstairs neighbor started pounding on the door, screaming, "Stop! Stop! Go back to bed!  It's too early!".  So I had to get off the treadmill and finish my run outside.  It's frustrating because 1) I was trying really hard to be quiet about it and 2) neither of our previous neighbors complained about it before.  I think it's because there's so many people living in the apartment below us now that there are people sleeping in the living room- and in shifts (like sailors in the 1800s) because they complained about Daniel using it a 3 one afternoon a couple months ago because someone was sleeping.  Oh well, they will probably be gone next year.  I did feel kind of bad about ticking them off, so I left a note on the door apologizing for disturbing them and saying that it wouldn't happen again.  I didn't want to start a large international conflict over a relatively minor event.          

Unfortunately that also means I have to go run outside this morning in the COLD (-5 with gusty winds) because the gym doesn't open until late.  But I'll bundle up and make the best of it.

Have a great Saturday!