Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fun Facts

About Disney from my AAA Living magazine.  Why?  Because I grew up in Orlando, and because these are actually semi-interesting enough that I saved the magazine so I could post them.

Plus it's not like a gobjillion people come to Orlando to go here

or here.

Okay, let's bring on the fun.  The top 5 things you didn't know about Disney World:

  1. On the Jungle Cruise, a band of headhunters bursts forth shouting tribal chants.  Hidden in the audio mix, you can hear one warrior yell, "I love disco!"- a phrase added by a prankster sound engineer and never erased.
  2. Many US presidents have visited the park, but on Nov. 17, 1973- at the height of Watergate- Richard M. Nixon made history there.  Addressing a conference of newspaper editors at the Contemporary Resort, he delivered his most infamous line: "I am not a crook."
  3. Vacationing at Walt Disney World in Dec. 1974, a guest at the Polynesian Resort received some papers to sign.  The guest?  John Lennon.  The papers?  the documents that dissolved the Beatles.
  4. The Contemporary Resort, one of the resort's two original hotels, was built in a contemporary way:  Each of the 500-plus rooms was built off-site before being lifted by crane and slid into place like a drawer into a filing cabinet.
  5. Walk Disney considered St. Louis, Missouri, as the site for Disney World, but wen local beer magnate August Busch Jr. reportedly told Walt he'd have to serve beer in the Magic Kingdom, Disney turned his focus to Orlando.
And a bonus:  You cannot buy gum anywhere at Disney World.

Rest/yoga.  I think I've been feeling the effects of the tougher running and lifting workouts I've been doing lately and am planning an easy week next week.