Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tuesday Night Out

Last night I met up with a few fellow bloggers, other runners, and significant others to watch the Hood to Coast documentary.  If you haven't seen any of the promotional material for the movie, it follows four teams as they compete in a 197-mile relay race from Mt. Hood to the coast in Oregon.  

The four teams were:
  • Heart N Sole - Who almost lost a member during the race the previous year when her heart stopped on the course.
  • Thunder and Laikaning- Who's racing strategy was to do as little exercise and drink as much beer as possible leading up to the race.
  • The Dead Jocks - A team of 50-60-something men who are trying to relive their glory days on the course.
  • B. Rowe - Who were racing to remember a friend/family member who died the previous year.
There was enough detail about the race itself and how it was started to be interesting to runners who are- as of this morning- putting Hood to Coast on their bucket list and enough comedy (and drama) for non-runners to not be too bored watching it (at least that seemed to be Daniel's experience).  My favorite scenes were the clips of random people doing/wearing crazy things and the part where the jocks drove around squirting everyone with the giant squirt guns.

Did you see the movie last night?  What did you think?  Would you ever want to do Hood to Coast or a relay like that?

I think it would be fun in theory, but I have a feeling I'd get really frustrated with the logistics and regret the running part on my third leg.

Before the movie we dined at the Madison Mexican restaurant chain Pedro's.  

The food was okay- I just can't get behind non-spicy Mexican food- but they get extra points for fresh tortillas and 1/2 price margaritas.  Plus good company (this counts as my January social dinner) makes everything taste better.

Back to the gym and on the treadmill for an easy-ish run.  Will it EVER stop snowing???