Monday, January 3, 2011

Vacation withdrawal

Happy New Year!

The last time I posted from our home computer was a lot like this one.  I was up early.  There was tons of stuff in the living room.  There was snow in the forecast.  But sadly instead of getting ready to go on a big, fun vacation, everything is waiting to be put away.  The rush of endorphins from travel! family! Christmas! New Years! has dropped off and I feel sad and tired.  But instead of focusing on the negative, I want to think about all the good things- I got to spend lots of time with my family and my in-laws, my vitamin-D levels are way up, I heard a reading of the great American novel, the Gators managed to pull out a win at the Outback Bowl, I'm rested, I have big plans for this year, our parking spot was clear of snow and ice when we got home last night, I'm about to go on my first run of 2011, and I look forward to sharing more about my trip and catching up on more of your 2010 recaps/ 2011 excitement.