Tuesday, January 4, 2011


The pile of stuff in the living room (and my "to do" list) is still pretty large, but my existential angst* from yesterday has gone away, and I'm already feeling better about returning to "normal life".

Continuing the theme of focusing on the positive:

  • I had a slow but relatively warm 8mi run yesterday.  Nearly all the ice on the sidewalks and streets has melted and we only got a light dusting of snow last night.  We are expecting more snow this week so that may be the last one for awhile.
  • I didn't return to 23098439 e-mails at work.  I have two new projects that are interesting but not overwhelming.
  • Because of an unusual thaw/freeze cycle, Lake Mendota froze clear, and I got to walk out on the ice and could see all the way through to the bottom of the lake.  I have pictures but they were taken on my phone's camera so today's lunch time internet project will be to figure out how to get them on the computer.  
  • Even though I was tired from not sleeping well a couple nights ago, I had a fun with our church small group, eating brownies and playing Sporkle.  
I'm headed to the gym this morning for weights.  We don't have any plans for this evening so I'm hoping that I make a dent in the mountain 'o Christmas that's hanging out in the living room tonight.  Have a good Tuesday!

* I love putting terms like this into Google Image just to see what comes up.