Thursday, October 1, 2009


Here's today's Take It And Run Thursday topic:

If you had the knowledge, time and/or means by which to Organize a race - what would your "Race Info" include?

Would you choose an organization to donate to? What distance would you choose? Other questions to ponder - Location? Time? Race Expo attendees (guest speakers?)? Shirt design? Get as creative as you want....!

So I'm going to be honest. I thought about it all morning, and I don't have a dream race. However, I did think of a race that's so crazy someone should do it sometime. And if you see this on Food Network, remember, you heard it here first.

Right now I'm calling it the Bake 'N Run. That's lame, and it will need another title eventually, but at least it's descriptive. BUT, the beauty of the Bake 'N Run is that it combines three things that many runners love: cooking, running(duh), and eating.

So here's what would happen in the Bake 'N Run:

(Edited to say I'm going to call the runner "he" because I got annoyed at typing s/he over and over again, but this obviously applies to the ladies in the race, too).

Each runner would have to prepare some kind of baked good using his own recipe. The runner would put the baked good in the oven and then start running. Now this is the tricky running part: The runner would have to pick a distance to run based on how far he thinks he can go in the time it takes to bake whatever is in the oven. Pick too far, and the runner ends up with a burned baked good. Not far enough and it's still raw. So this race wouldn't test a runner's speed but rather his ability to pace himself and determine what an appropriate pace per mile is. As soon as the runner has completed the course he must take his baked good out of the oven, plate it, and serve it to judges as well as eat a piece himself.

Whoever has the tastiest baked good wins.

If you have a good idea for the name, leave it in the comments. I should make that into a contest. Maybe if someone comes up with an awesome name I will mail him/her some squash.

This morning I ran 5mi with some pick-ups. It was chiiiiilllly. My first mitten and ear warmer run of the fall. I'm thinking I might look for some running capris this weekend. They seem like they'd be nice in this weird in between "not cold enough for pants, not reeeealllly warm enough for shorts" weather.