Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Early post

I normally don't post waaayyy before I start my day, but I'm chilling out until it's time to catch the bus to the gym, and all my normal web sites are closed for maintenance so I thought I'd drop by here for a few minutes.

It's Wednesday, which means spinning. Right now the plan is to duck out about 10 or 15 minutes early to do upper body weights. My weight training plan has changed for the next 4 weeks, and I really can't do the upper body session at home, and I just haven't been in the mood to go back to the gym at the end of the day. Plus I have some errands I need to take care of this afternoon so it helps to be done a little early.

We're having our work chili potluck today, which should be fun. I have to catch the bus because I'm bringing in our crockpot + 4 cans of white beans and 2 cans of green chili, which will not fit in my backpack. Riding my bike is right out. I always feel lazy when I take the bus, but it's supposed to rain all day, too, so I guess if I have to ride the bus this is as good a day as any.