Thursday, October 15, 2009


It's Take it and Run Thursday over at Runner's Lounge.

This week's question is:

Scarecrow asked for a Brain, Tin Man for a Heart, and Lion for Courage. If you could meet the Wizard of Running and ask for anything, what would it be?

When your wish was granted, how would your travels down the Yellow Brick Road of running be different?

Well, if I could ask for anything, I'd ask to be able to enjoy all my runs for the rest of my life. No frustration about crappy paces, no nagging aches and pains, no downpours. It would be all smooth strides, speedy intervals, and beautiful sunrises.

How would my running be different? The obvious answer is that it would be 100 times more awesome. I man, who doesn't love a great run? Of course we don't appreciate the good without the bad and all that, and I'd probably stop appreciating it pretty quickly.

On that note, I actually had a good run this morning. I left my GPS at home, but I can tell you that on my 4 x 5 min intervals I hit my target pace or under on all but the first one (and the first always counts as practice, right?). It was only sprinkling a tiny bit, and it wasn't too cold. Can't argue with that!