Friday, October 23, 2009

Window washers

First and foremost: This is hilarious.

It is raining and windy- and it has been for the last 40 hours or so- and someone is currently washing my window on the 4th story of a 14-story building. I would definitely not enjoy that job. I want to wave and say hi, but I can't see their faces because of my blinds.

I actually did get out for a short run this morning. There was a little break in the rain, and although it was cold and windy and sprinkling, it was not pouring so I thought I'd better take advantage of it. It's supposed to rain/snow tomorrow morning (although the low is 37 so I'm not sure how the snow part works into that).

Otherwise today is a pretty normal day. I'm going to meet D for lunch because we have some insurance paperwork we need to turn in at his building. Isn't being an adult fun? Tomorrow we are going to see the Olympic Speed Skating Trials in Milwaukee and watching the FL/Mississippi State game in the evening.