Friday, October 2, 2009

The Happiest Day of My LIfe

I'm marking Oct. 1, 2009 in my calendar as the current happiest day of my life. It has surpassed my wedding (sorry, D.) but may be re-evaluated at the birth of my children (I doubt it). What made Oct. 1, 2009 such a momentous day?

They fixed our heat.

Evidently the valve that sends hot water into our radiator was stuck open so it was putting out full heat regardless of where the thermostat was set. The maintenance guy replaced the valve, and when I got home yesterday the thermostat was set at 60, and it was in fact 60 in the apartment. I was thrilled. I turned it up to 68. The radiator came on. And it shut off when it was 68. This may seem like a silly thing to get so excited about, but it means that we will not have to live (and more importantly, sleep) in a rotisserie oven for the next 8 months. There are no words (other than the 80 or so in the preceding paragraph) to express my joy.

This morning, after a comfortable, restful night of sleep, I got up in a pleasantly warm, 68-degree apartment (heat is included in our rent so we can keep it nice and warm [but not too hot] yay!) I got ready and walked to the gym to do 45 min of elliptical and weights.

We had a fun night last night playing mini golf with some friends at Vitense, which, in its wisdom has both an indoor and outdoor course. Then we had sundaes at Michael's Frozen Custard. A second reason yesterday was the happiest day of my life was learning that the different Michael's have different sundaes. This one had a Hot Lava Sundae with hot fudge and cherries (great with pumpkin custard, we learned) and the Death By Chocolate Sundae, which I had (and obviously did not die). Tomorrow I'm going to Jessica's baby shower. I guess I better wrap her gift!