Sunday, October 25, 2009

Still Dark Sunday

It's 7am and still dark. Part of it is because it's supposed to rain... again... and part is because we neeeeeeed to end daylight savings time. Not that it will make any difference in December, but at least we get to stretch a little more light out of the day before we hit WINTER.

Today is a rest day. I even got the laundry done yesterday evening so I don't have to drag that up and down stairs. Yesterday was an easy 7.5mi.

Not too much going on around here. We tried to go to the speed skating trials yesterday, but a combination of making a wrong turn on the interstate and the races being finished an hour early made us arrive right after the last heat. So now we are 3/5 for good trips to Milwaukee. In a way it was okay because I was super tired and just wanted to sit, which is pretty much what I did. It was the first sunny day we'd had in almost a week, and it was nice to drive around and see the pretty fall colors.

I would have gone to sleep early last night, except the Gators.... AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Today we have two church meetings plus church plus errands. I also need to spend some quality time getting ready for the New York trip on Wednesday. I can't remember if I mentioned it on here, but I'm helping chaperone our church's high school youth group bus trip to New York City from Wednesday evening to Sunday afternoon. I want to make sure I set aside all the clothing I want to take with me so I don't have to do any emergency laundry on Tuesday evening.