Thursday, October 8, 2009


Woohoo! It's Take it and Run Thursday. Today's topic comes from Lacy of Common Objects and Everyday Events, a blog I enjoy reading regularly.

This week her question is:

Imagine you are attending a week-long running camp. Where would it be? What would you do? Would there be classes? Bootcamps? Socials?

I want to know all about the kinds of things that make up your ideal running-related week. No work, no obligations outside of camp,... for one week you can have it exactly your way! Tell me all about it!

I'll be honest. My ideal running camp would pretty much be like Sandals with the option of running in the morning... or afternoon... or whenever. It would take place annually during that reaaaaalllly cold week at the end of January, and would feature massages, fruity drinks with little umbrellas, and XT options like snorkeling and tubing behind a boat.

Yeah... I'm thinking that sounds pretty good right now.

I got in 5mi this morning with 5x3min fast. I pushed much harder than last week and was rewarded by getting all my min/mile below 8, with a 7:22 for my last interval.

Yesterday Lacey (of above) asked what makes spin harder sometimes. Which is a good question because it's one of those "go at your own pace" activities. What I think makes a hard workout is doing a bunch of intervals over and over with little rest. The gym classes push you hard for about the 1st half of the class but have lots of rest during the second half. Here are two workouts we did last fall that mark the only two times I've ever thought I might puke on the bike.

The first one was actually my first day of doing spin with the tri team. The workout was very simple :5x50 sec sprint, 10 sec recovery; 1 min rest; 5x50 sec hill sprint, 10 sec recovery; 1 min rest; repeat for 1 HOUR. GAH!

The second one was just part of the last workout of the fall, but it was almost as bad. We started at a really easy perceived rate of exertion (PRE)- a 3/10 or something- and did 45 sec on 15 sec off. Each repeat we increased our resistance until we got to a PRE of 7 and then WE KEPT DOING INTERVALS. Seriously. We did like 10 intervals at 7. It was really tough.

Hope you all have an awesome Thursday!