Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pretty normal Tuesday

Don't have too much to say today. I did an easy 5mi this morning. It was cool but not super cold. Plus I think I'm just getting used to it. I've figured out what I need to wear to not freeze to death riding my bike to work but not overheat once I get to work now that they've turned the heating system on.

The only kind of bizarre thing that happened yesterday is that I think I might be allergic to something in the TJ's canned tomato soup (or possibly more than just the tomato soup) that I've been eating for lunch recently. I have really sensitive skin and my face flushes very easily, so I thought that having something hot for lunch was just making my face get hot, but yesterday I definitely had hives. I know it hasn't happened every day, and I'm almost positive it started when I switched from salads for lunch to soup, but I'm not sure if it's limited to just the tomato soup or other varieties might cause it, too. Anyway, I'm going to try eating the black bean soup today and see how that goes. If it's fine, I'll proceed with my other packaged foods with caution. If not, I dunno...